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繼曼谷、紐約之後,東京再出大案。唐人街神探唐仁(王寶強飾)、秦風(劉昊然飾)受偵探野田昊(妻夫木聰飾)的邀請前往破案。 “CRIMASTER世界偵探排行榜”中的偵探們聞訊後也齊聚東京,加入挑戰,而排名第一Q的現身,讓這個大案更加撲朔迷離,一場亞洲最強神探之間的較量即將爆笑展開……

After Bangkok and New York, a big criminal case took place in Tokyo. Detective Tang Ren (starring Wang Baoqiang) and Qin Feng (starring Liu Haoran) were invited for investigation by Noda Hiroshi (starring Tsumabuki Satoshi). The case was becoming more suspicious as more detectives on the Crimaster list joined the challenge, including the top-ranked Q. A battle between the strongest detectives in Asia is about to burst with laughter.

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