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談判專家卓文偉(劉青雲飾)被陷害成為殺警及貪污案主腦,為查出真相自證清白,鋌而走險大鬧警局並綁架警察,務求與另一談判專家謝家俊(吳鎮宇飾)進行談判。 在警方部署的武力強攻下 ,卓文偉一方面奮力抵抗,另一方面與謝家俊鬥智斡旋,拆解貪污案背後的莫大陰謀!兩大影帝文武交鋒,舌戰「講數」,迫力重現荷里活鬥智神作《冇數講》(The Negotiator),誓成港產戲勢萬鈞話題作!

Negotiator Zhuo Wen Wei accidentally became the number one suspect in a murder case. He was forced to occupy the police station and take the police hostage. He also appointed former negotiator Xie Jia Jun to talk to him.

Xie Jia Jun, who is good at attacking the heart, and Zhuo Wen Wei, who is highly skilled, repeatedly went back and forth. The atmosphere is full of tension during the verbal battle. In the negotiations between the two powers, who will have the final say this time?

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