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2010年夏天,高考考場上,白曉宇(檀健次 飾)第一次遇見王斤斤(張婧儀 飾),就把她給「弄丟」了。
他們彼此相愛卻又難逃現實的重重羈絆,白曉宇會再一次 弄丟王斤嗎…

The film is adapted from the original novel “I Miss You” by Zheng Zhiyuan. In the summer of 2010, during the college entrance examination, Bai Xiaoyu (played by Tan Jianci) encountered Wang Jinjin (played by Zhang Jingyi) for the first time and accidentally “lost” her. Four years later, they unexpectedly reunite amid the job-seeking rush of graduation season and fall in love. In 2018, after eight years of acquaintance and five years of love, they stand hesitating at the threshold of marriage. Despite their mutual love, they cannot escape the heavy shackles of reality. Will Bai Xiaoyu once again lose Wang Jinjin?

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