注意看,眼前這個男人叫賈有為(賈冰 飾),「省錢門」當之無愧代言人,摳門賽道遙遙領先的天之驕子! 他摳搜半生不敢玩命花錢,沒成想正值壯年患絕症是沒命花錢! 眼看生命只剩十天,百萬存款秒變過眼雲煙,賈有為浮想聯翩,決定帶著拜把子老鐵沙白虎(小瀋陽飾)、許大力(于洋飾)和董建峰(董寶石飾)盡情揮霍, 不辜負人間! 萬萬沒想到體驗新人生處處是驚喜,不光友情續費了,快樂到位了,就連賈有為的昔日女神王曉倩(譚卓 飾)也意外再會了…

Jia Youwei, a middle-aged man who has accomplished nothing, is diagnosed with a brain tumour and has only ten days left to live. So he sells his old house which is rumored to be demolished, and reunites with several others who used to live in the family home. They decided to indulge themselves in the last ten days of their lives. In this way, the five people who parted ways twenty-two years ago in the family compound gathered together once again, only to realize that each of them had faced their own hardships in life.

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