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继2019年《我和我的祖国》, 2020年《我和我的家乡》, 国庆三部曲之《我和我的父辈》接棒。吴京《乘风》, 章子怡《诗》, 徐峥《鸭先知》, 沈腾《少年行》, 四个故事、四段历史。以革命、建设、改革开放和新时代为历史坐标,

My Country, My Parents, the sequel to My People, My Country and My People, My Homeland. Four stories form a new anthology drama paying tribute to China’s families – the final installment of “National Day Celebration” trilogy. The stories are directed by actress Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), actor-and-director Wu Jing (The Wandering Earth and Wolf Warrior), comedian Shen Teng, and actor-and-director Xu Zheng. This collection of stories focuses on normal Chinese families in four different eras, as well as their collective memories and the great relationship between parents and children.

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