當「沒頭腦」呂途(彭昱暢飾)遇上「不高興」凌敏(李庚希飾),兩個身患重症卻性格迥異的年輕人,因為「生命接力」的約定,陰差陽錯 地踏上了一段充滿愛與力量的療癒之旅。

When the “brainless” Luu Tu (played by Peng Yuchang) encounters the “grumpy” Ling Min (played by Li Gengxi), two young individuals suffering from serious illnesses but with drastically different personalities, inadvertently embark on a healing journey filled with love and strength.
The film is the conclusion of director Han Yan’s Life Trilogy. Partially sourced from the documentary report The Most Pragmatic Marriage Transaction, the Most Emotional Eternal Agreement.

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