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4年に一度開かれる世界最大のスポーツの祭典「WSG ワールド・スポーツ・ゲームス」が東京で開催され、その開会式にあわせ、最高時速1000キロを誇る世界初の「真空超電導リニア」を開発することが発表された。しかし、世界の注目を集める中、名だたる大会スポンサーが集うパーティ会場で突如事件が発生し、企業のトップが次々と拉致されてしまう。そして、その裏には事件を監視する赤井秀一と、彼の指令を待つFBIの姿があった。江戸川コナンは、今回の事件と、15年前にアメリカのボストンで起きた「WSG連続拉致事件」との関連性を疑うが……。


The prestigious international sporting event, World Sports Games (WSG), held every four years, is going to be hosted in Tokyo. The media are also focusing their attention on the HyperLinear train that can reach 1,000 km/h and launch of its service on the opening day of the WSG.

However multiple incidents occur in which top executives of WSG’s sponsor companies are kidnapped but then are immediately released. No one seems to know who might be behind these incidents, but similar occurrences were observed during the WSG inauguration in the US 15 years ago.

When Conan learns that Alan McKenzie, former chief of the FBI and now the head of WSG committee, is to get on the first run of the bullet train, he and Shuichi Akai make their move. Meanwhile, Akai’s sister Masumi Sera and his mother Mary are also in pursuit of the same case and have boarded the train. To make matters even more curious, Akai’s younger brother and professional Shogi player Shukichi Haneda too happens to be visiting Nagoya, where the train is scheduled to begin its run…!

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