昔日的「街頭混子」李清讓(黃軒飾)出獄再就業接連碰壁,和老熟人王達基(董寶石飾)的偶然相遇,讓他懷揣陰謀入職“病友之家”,這其中隱藏著什麼不不為人知的交易?又會和來福大飯店潑辣老闆娘(柳岩 飾)碰撞出怎樣驚心動魄的故事?隨著陰謀與衝突不斷浮現,一面是朝夕相處勝似親人的病友們,一面是老熟人拋來的賺錢橄欖枝,他究竟該何去何從,“病友之家”來福大酒店又能否化險為夷…

Li Qingjian (played by Huang Xuan), a former street gangster, reenters society after his release from prison, only to face a myriad of challenges. During this tumultuous time, he unexpectedly reconnects with an old friend, Wang Daji (played by Dong Jewel), who introduces him to a suspicious opportunity at the “Home for the Sick.” This seemingly benign place harbors secretive dealings, but the nature of these transactions remains unclear. Meanwhile, Li Qingjian’s life becomes even more complicated when he encounters the formidable owner of the Lai Fu Hotel (played by Liu Yan), leading to a series of thrilling events. As Li navigates through layers of conspiracy and conflict, he finds himself torn between the patients at the “Home for the Sick,” who come to feel like family, and the lucrative temptations presented by former acquaintances. Amidst these challenges, the fate of both the “Home for the Sick” and the Lai Fu Hotel hangs in the balance.

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