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那個陪你穿校服的人,最後陪你走到婚禮了嗎?電影講述游泳特長生週瀟齊與轉校生尤詠慈長達15年的愛情故事。高中時,週瀟齊(許光漢 飾)對尤詠慈(章若楠 飾)一見鍾情,年少懵懂的純純愛戀,男孩默默守護,但女孩卻不告而別。此後的人生,15年的愛情長跑。你的婚禮,也是我的成人禮。

Adapted from On Your Wedding Day (2018). This is a romance and lovely story for over 15 years between a boy and a girl. Back in high school, Zhou Xiaoqi (Xu Guanghan) was a student with swimming specialty. You Yongci (Zhang Ruonan) was a transfer student of the same high school. At the first sight, Zhou fell in love with You. Before Zhou expressed his true feelings, You left without saying goodbye. Zhou holds and protects this young and ignorant pure love inside his heart for over 15 years…

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