韋莉轉眼已踏入13歲,一班「腦朋友」——阿樂、阿愁、阿驚、阿燥、阿憎將「大腦總部」打理得井井有條,一切運作順利。豈料大腦總部有日突然響起警號,一大隊清拆隊全面進場,將大腦總部拆改得面目全非。原來一切只為騰出空間,迎接全新登場的腦朋友——阿焦 (Anxiety)! 阿焦的出現完全反轉大腦總部的秩序,雖然阿焦是全新成員,但她絕非等閒小角色。從預告可見,她的登場相當隆重,一抽二掕地攜帶了足足六箱行李,更在對白透露她並非隻身登場,似乎暗示今集將有更多腦朋友湧現! 隨著韋莉踏入青春期,在預告可見其大腦總部的控制台已經加建更多按鈕,控制台的顏色更變成橙色,與阿焦的顏色一樣!看來阿焦的出現,將為韋莉的大腦總部帶來一連串翻天覆地的轉變,有更多大龍鳳即將發生!

In ‘Inside Out 2,’ Disney and Pixar dive back into Riley’s mind, now a teen, as it faces unexpected changes: new Emotions! With Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust unsure how to handle the arrival of Anxiety and others, voiced by Maya Hawke. Amy Poehler returns as Joy, joined by a stellar cast including Lewis Black and Diane Lane. Directed by Kelsey Mann, produced by Mark Nielsen, and featuring a screenplay by Meg LeFauve and Dave Holstein, ‘Inside Out 2’ promises a captivating journey with a score by Andrea Datzman.

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