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監獄危機四伏,五年前被陸志廉親手抓進監牢的前警司黃文彬(林家棟飾)已是獄中一大幫派,對陸伺機復仇;收受曹元元賄款的懲教署監督沈國強 (譚耀文飾)更對獄中幫派鬥爭視而不見,令陸志廉一度重傷入院!陸回到監獄,幸得性格滑頭的獄友王藍祿(張繼聰飾)幫助,背水一戰……”

“Liu Yue Ping (Chrissie Chau) reports to the ICAC about a rich 2G Cao Yuen Yuen (Raymond Lam) who bribed officers of the Hong Kong Correctional Services (HKCS) from inside the prison. William Luk (Louis Koo) decides to infiltrate the prison as an inmate to conduct his investigation, while his partner Ching Tak Ming (Kevin Cheng) and Chief Inspector Lau Po-keung (Julian Cheung) back him up from the outside.
Danger springs from all directions inside the prison. A fellow inmate, ex-Superintendent of Police Wong Man Ban is anxious to even the score with William Luk for putting him behind bars 5 years ago. The Superintendent of the prison, Sham Kwok Keung (Patrick Tam) is on the take from Cao Yuen Yuen and turns a blind eye to the constant gang fights, one of which landed William Luk in a custodian ward. With the help of a slick cell mate Wong Lam Luk (Louis Cheung), William Luk is determined to complete his mission…”

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