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“這是一個關於替身的故事。替身自古有之,人稱“影子”。有刺殺,就有影子,影子必須在危急關頭挺身而出,替主人博回一命;影子又必須與真身互為一體,令旁人真假難辨如同孿生。關於影子的來龍去脈,真身從來忌諱莫深,不願提及而令真相撲朔迷離 。


“Director Zhang Yimou’s reimagining of a classic Three Kingdoms epic, the action/drama SHADOW tells the story of a great King and his people who have been displaced from their homeland and long to win it back. The King is wild and ambitious, but his motives and methods are mysterious. His great general is a visionary who fervently desires to win the ultimate battle, but needs to lay his plans in secret. The women of the palace struggle to find redemption in a world in which they have no place. And then there is a commoner, the “”everyman”” around whom the inexorable forces of history swirl, always ready to swallow him up.

Filmed in a unique “”Chinese watercolor”” style with a cast of China’s finest actors, SHADOW is both Zhang Yimou’s return to his roots as a filmmaker and a bold new beginning.”

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